As a few of you know, I've been on a hunt for a certain popular jazz guitarist and musician. You see, he, like many many musicians at that time, went by his full name. So looking for a three-named jazz musician and only remembering his first name, John, was a difficult task. You see, I wasn't particularly familiar with his music but some of his most famous songs were hits.

Eventually, I found a name through hubksi somehow, John Wayne Gacy, Jr. I started to believe that all the songs I vaguely knew and loved were written by various other artists. You see, I like to explore the discographies of artists once I discover them. As you'll soon know from his wiki, finding out the name I was sharing with other people was a serial killer shocked me, not to mention frustrated me once again. He's actually an interesting character, Gacy Jr.

But a while ago, I found the real artist, John Lee Hooker. So here's a sample for you. Hope you enjoy it. I certainly did, since it's been a long time coming.

posted by fallingsaucer: 1153 days ago