The reason stories like this get written is that people want to find a way to explain the horrific stuff IS does without admitting that it’s the sort of horrific stuff young males with god on their side have always done. It’s much more reassuring to blame some drug than to face the grim fact that, in the next few generations, before Islamic culture is mulched into the global norm, there’s going to be a lot of ultra-violence from young Muslim men who are just smart enough to see that the tide is running against them, but not smart enough to come up with any better response than killing a lot of people eating pizza in Paris.


It sounds like it's something they take to stay awake and alert. If it were replaced by coffee, would it be written about the same way? No.

I enjoyed the read, and agree that people need concrete, relatable reasons for that which is this disturbing. Drugs are an easy place to point your finger. Thanks for unlocking.

posted by kleinbl00: 1247 days ago