It's not actually an argument. MRI or arts funding.

    It's a false premise, a false binary, a false dualism.

    And, with the utmost respect to the arts and culture fighters in the harder halls of this province who are only trying to do the right thing- please stop dignifying this duality...it is incredibly destructive and utterly delegitimizes the whole process you are trying to embark on.

    Do we ask an MRI or new riot shields? New police officers?

    Do we ask an MRI or another wind turbine?

    Do we ask an MRI or a road resurfacing?

    Do we ask an MRI or a northern survey core drilling subsidy?

    Do we ask an MRI or a Service Ontario Kiosk?

    Do we ask an MRI or a pipeline?

    An MRI or a Toyota Plant?

    An MRI or a nurse?

    An MRI or a kindergarten teacher?

    An MRI or a Hydro One CEO?


Gross. Healthcare should never be placed in opposition to anything except for illness and to some extent unhealthy behaviors.

posted by lil: 1156 days ago