I've tried a lot of different tools and apps but giving up on them after a few days because they just don't seem to fit my needs (plus my aesthetics), and reading a bunch of productivity articles and tips but moved on to doing something else because they felt like rubbish repeated over and over again (those of you who read a lot of blog posts like "X things to help you..." should know what I meant).

I don't know, it's probably me who's feeling this way. But if there's someone who feels the same way and has found a solution, I'd love to hear it!

By the way, I'm a lazy person who prefers to keep and do everything in a central place.


A sobering article. I've come to this realisation after looking at what I've been reading over the last six months and alas, most of it has been those types of lists. I've tried a lots of different tools as well. It's only recently that I realised I was actually getting very little done.

This part

    Choose a system that helps you get things done and stay focused, whatever that system looks like for you. Stick with it

is really important. I've settled on a system that works for me. Now I'm going to stop reading those dreaded articles

posted by shuheng: 1319 days ago