1. someguyfromcanada (sgfc) took pictures with a digital camera (his phone is barely working). He will upload them tomorrow, he says, maybe to the bottom of this post.

2. We sat outside here. It looked like this, except more like night.

3. coffeesp00ns's bus was an hour late. It was probably about 8:00 by the time we convened, hungry and thirsty.

4. I took notes. I'll copy my notes without editing them much:

sgfc is a lawyer. Unfortunately, not a divorce lawyer. He's older than sp00ns and younger than me. Sunday is sp00ns's birthday. After sp00ns's birthday, our ages will add up to 140.

Question 1 to someguy: Why are you on Hubski?

sgfc used to hang out on reddit, even UltraReddit. He says he modded 263 reddits.

sp00ns interjection: "Can I just say that Pubski is the greatest thing. The whole community gets away from serious conversation. It so communal and I seriously enjoy it."

sgfc joined hubski originally 1330 days ago, but forgot his name. He rejoined more recently and said he gravitates towards the serious: history, tech, and social issues.

sp00ns interjection: "I judge a place by its nachos."

sgfc continued saying that he sabotaged himself on reddit. He started dissing everyone because he was unhappy with some of the recent changes. He said then the admins changed his passwords, so he could no longer get in.

sp00ns interjection: "I love Quebec."

sgfc said that an important thing about him is that he's not from Canada. He's from Nebraska. His mother was from Canada and when his dad, at age 36, was offered a tenured faculty job at the brand new Trent University (built in 1972), they moved to Peterborough, Ontario where his mother was actually from.

Question #1 to sp00ns: Why are you on hubski?

sp00ns: "I washed up on hubski's shores around the same time as elizabeth during one of the reddit migrations. I loved the conversation and the slower pace. The thing about hubski that I've noticed is it's all about quality contribution. On hubski if you want people to like you, you have to have in-depth quality.

"When a recent wash-up asked, 'What does Hubski like to see posted?' I interpreted that to mean, 'How do I get liked?'

sgfc interjection: "or What do I do to get popular around here?"

at the moment someguy said that, a woman was walking out of the pub past us to the sidewalk. She said: "God knows. I sure don't."

coffeesp00ns continued: "To get popular on hubski you have to give a fuck about what you're talking about, and more importantly, you have to have fucks to give. If you don't care about what you're saying, nobody cares."

Just before I left, we asked some questions about our hubski friends:

1. Who's out of control?

2. Who's too awesome for words?

3. Who needs a rest?

4. Who's too smart for words?

5. Who needs some love?

6. Who needs a drink?

We named names, but mostly we just loved everyone, except for the people we blocked.

I had a Proseco and a coffee, and sp00ns and I shared an awesome dessert. I was too cold, so I had to leave. sp00ns and someguy were on their third or fourth beers.

Pictures should appear in 24 hours.

thenewgreen steve _refugee_


As promised, here are a couple of pics. Shout out to the Québécois woman who fixed my camera and took these images! It was really nice meeting lil and coffeesp00ns. You are both super nice and easy to chat with so I had a great time!

And, yes, lil did make me wear her hat!

posted by lil: 1298 days ago