I figured that whatever it is I do online, sharing poems I've read out loud and record is a part of it.

I found a poem I'd recorded for October last year and never made public, so I made it public to share with you today. It is "October Part I" by Louise Gluck, one of my favorite poets.

Then, because I was on Soundcloud and also a poet friend had been asking other poets to read and record their own poems so she could listen to them while running, I decided I'd make it a two-for-one and I recorded a poem that was recently published in Sandy River Review. I've been waiting for the virtual copy to go live, since I've had the print copy for a while, and it hasn't.

So, here's a picture of the poem as published.

Here's a recording of the same poem, but more edited.



posted by _refugee_: 1179 days ago