Whether your politics have changed or you’ve simply become more cynical, confronting your digital past can be cringeworthy.


I've made a point to actively hunt down and eliminate my earlier digital selves, with a few treasured exceptions.

Old cringey high school attempts at poetry? Gone and happily forgotten.

Few thousand words of decent post-based Sci-Fi RPG? Archived. Also in re-reading some of that stuff, I realize how much of himself young OB put in his writing. The RPG I mentioned was set in a mid-future specialty hospital that catered to patients harmed by cybernetic implants. I was writing from the perspective of a doctor who was once a patient, and in reading some of his dialogue, his thoughts, I really see a lot of my adult self. I was definitely projecting an ideal future version of myself into the story.

Maybe I'll edit together some of the better/worse bits and post them.

posted by NotPhil: 1181 days ago