The result? Axe became the #1 male antiperspirant/deodorant brand. It actually worked too well -- they had to backpedal a bit from the image because Axe had gained a reputation as a product that only losers use. Also, high school kids would even totally douse themselves in Axe, getting the brand into trouble with some school districts.


I always try to remember that Unilever owns both Axe and Dove. Whenever I see promotions for Dove, it's usually something to affirm women or make them feel beautiful (provided they buy the product, obviously), and I find it frustrating that they also objectify women through their Axe commercials.

Both are manipulative, and I can't necessarily blame them for wanting to sell a product, but it feels like it takes advantage of people wanting to be secure by exploiting that, and sending out mutually exclusive messages to subtly target insecurities.

posted 1721 days ago