The movie is still in early talks, but the apparent plan is to open and close the film with scenes of Willis as a now permanently sleepy-eyed John McClane, providing the series’ last remaining fan—veterinarian Larry Squabdale, of Hasslefack, New Jersey—with the yipee-ki-yay’s and mother fucking he so desperately craves. But in between those grumbly bookends, the film will devote most of its run time to McClane’s career as a cop in “gritty” 1979 New York, all the better to show “how he became a die hard kind of guy.” This, even though the single most important aspect of the original Die Hard’s greatness—outside of Willis’ long-consumed stores of smirking, smarmy charm—was the idea that John McClane was just a regular cop, desperately improvising in an impossible situation.


Like the Star Wars prequels, the 2nd two films of the Matrix Trilogy, and a host of other bad films, I'll just pretend this doesn't exist.

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