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No, I'm not on Smooch... another one. This particular dating website provides various updates. It will tell you if someone looks at your profile. I was informed that user #151837381 had viewed my profile. I clicked the number and only found out that he was 73 -- too old for me. I didn't want to look after an old man. I wasn't interested. He hadn't posted a picture or any other information yet, but I didn't care.

The next day I had a Skype text message from my soon-to-be-ex-husband. The one who told me he "needed space" on July 5, and by July 30, told me he was "done." He was "head-over-heels" in love with a woman who worked for him. He was sure she loved him back. He was happier than he'd ever been.

"Turkey's are done, my dear. People are finished." -- I failed to say to him at the time.

The Skype text said, "I see you checked me out on of dating website.

#holyshitski I said to myself. I immediately went onto the site and blocked him from contacting me or seeing my profile. In the process, I noticed that the dating website had assessed our compatibility as 100%. His description of what he was looking for was a description of me.

"She must be curious about the world, continually ask questions, and love to explore and to laugh."

Funny about the questions - he's a big fan of my blog which some of you know is called lil's book of questions.

Bottom line: The girlfriend dumped him.


PiƱa coladas really aren't that great.

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