Watch it and remember that those guys were really more the rule than the exception in terms of stepping up and kicking some serious *ss. Luckily this is a continuing US Military tradition.

Anyway, for more history:

I've read two (translated) primary source books from Japan written around the time of the raid and it's hard to believe how much this raid freaked them out. It's not excessive to say that it changed the face of the war inside Japan.


casper: While I doubt any of these men frequent Hubski... "thank you".

Q: "Did you think during the raid that we'd still be talking about it 70 years later"?

Lt. Col. Richard Cole: "You know, I don't think I ever thought about that at the time, it just happened. I think it's very fortunate for one man, me, to still be around talking to you about that after, what is it... 70 years?".

These guys are bad ass.

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