Volkswagen’s rigging of emissions tests for 11m cars means they may be responsible for nearly 1m tonnes of air pollution every year, roughly the same as the UK’s combined emissions for all power stations, vehicles, industry and agriculture, a Guardian analysis suggests.

Seriously, who cares about the environment right? It isn't like the air we breathe is important or anything


What's fascinating to watch is that when you're dealing with cataclysmically bad press, you can still find stupendous hyperbole:

    “Diesel is without doubt the biggest public health catastrophe in UK history. Even the black plague didn’t affect everyone in the population,” said its founder, Simon Birkett.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, a UK environmental wonk just called Dieselgate worse than The Black Death.

    In the UK, Williams added, emissions from diesel cars cause roughly 5,800 premature deaths each year. “If you were to make the cars emit at the legal limit you could reduce those deaths by at least a factor of two and maybe more. Maybe a factor of five.”

Precision science there...

Supercalifragilistic numbers there, though. "Volkswagen has lied about more emissions than the UK even produces." and it's gonna be quite a ride.

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