You can check it out here.

I haven't seen any posts about this game, so I thought I would make one to discuss it with anyone else who has played it so far. For any fans of Earthbound or other quirky RPGs, I would highly recommend this game. It's brief (4-6 hours), but very replayable, and you arguably need to replay it to get the full effect. What really stands out to me is the unique battle system, which uses an arcade shooter style mini-game as each enemy's attack. The game also tracks which enemies you choose to kill/spare, and the gameplay changes in not just that run, but in every run afterward based on your decisions.

I think the biggest endorsement of this game is that after beating it the first day that I had it, I immediately started a second run of it to try playing it in a different way. Its battle mechanics make it still feel very fresh even in my second playthrough, and there is a definite added challenge when trying to spare every enemy.

The creator of the game is Toby Fox, who previously worked on music/artistic elements of Homestuck, and the one downside of the game is that it does occasionally pander very noticeably to this demographic. This did break the immersion of the game for me, but the upside is that it is isolated to one section of the game, and the gameplay itself is still quite enjoyable during this section.


I saw a pacifist playthrough on Twitch, was really entertaining, deserves the Earthbound comparisons.

posted by flac: 1274 days ago