I stumbled upon this video on ViHart's second channel (the girl that does those nice math videos), and found it fascinating! The delivery is not really youtuby and polished, but I find it adds weight to the fact she just wanted to share a bit about this theory.

What do you think about it? Ever heard of it before?


I had never heard of it.

It's fascinating. I agree that some notions are perhaps valuable in their wrongness. I have always felt similarly about Freud.

I haven't given much thought to models of the mind for many years. It's something that I should revisit. Personally, I have long been operating with the assumption that consciousness is analogy, a view largely informed by Douglas Hofstadter. My thoughts seem inescapably operations upon symbols, and try as I might, even the most fantastic of thoughts I have are distortions of experience.

It seems that my concept of self is just one of these symbols, one that I associate with my physical body, because I have never been able to leave it.

posted by elizabeth: 1214 days ago