I've said the same thing here.

Nothing to get uptight about. There's nothing can be done about it.

This makes far too much sense for a human to have written:

    I refer to this third replicator as techno-memes, or temes, and I believe they are already evolving way beyond our control. Human intelligence emerged from biological brains with billions of interconnected neurons. AI is emerging in the gazillions of interconnections we have provided through our computers, servers, phones, tablets and every other piece of machinery that copies, varies and selects an ever-increasing amount of information. The scale of this new evolution is almost incomparably greater.

...to say nothing of the speed.


Please excuse me when I am not too concerned that the machines that exist today, the robots that can't function outside of their intended environment, don't really learn outside of "evolutionary" algorithms that throw away massive amounts of information and are suited only to the task they are trained for, and so on, don't have ethics.

posted by zzipitydodaa: 1184 days ago