Tagging as gaming related as The Game Theorists (TGT) are neat to listen to. TGT are a youtube channel that talks about games, gaming and gamers with over 5 million subscribers. As much as I cannot stand the VlogBrothers style of fast cuts, I run their videos in the background and listen to them. So if you don't like 'Internet Fast Cut Videos' you may want to do the same.

Here is a channel defending its audience from an attack by the established media. For those who look at my post history, I've said the almost identical thing that they are saying. The one point that jumped out at me is that 86% of his audience that answered a survey question a while back that they NEVER TURN ON A TV. As most of these channels do, his audience skews younger, teenagers and early 20's.

If you work in traditional TV, this video should scare you.


Yeah this is playing into the notion that gamers are misunderstood and oppressed. I like Game Theory, but it's so annoying that he's feeding this petty bullcrap narrative. Maybe some people should just stop letting their videogame hobby consume their lives so they don't have to get so defensive?

posted by francopoli: 1219 days ago