I walked in from my room to the well furnished sitting room, dressed up with a white cotton sleeve

shirt with my bow tie intact, my neatly polished shoes and my gold glittering wrist watch. With a

gentle man look, I starred at the mirror. "I am ready for the appointment of the day" I said to my self.

Taking a walk towards the door leading outside, I grabbed the door handle and opened.

Behold my eyes, I see a giant muscled man on a black jacket, he pulled his black glasses and

starred into my eyes.

Immediately, fear gripped me, I was so scared, maybe I did something wrong to the bad guys and its

time for payback.

He walked towards the car, opened the door and said

"Shall we leave now Sir?"

Wow! He's at my service, I feel a little relaxed. Like a gentle man, I got into the car, I still have that

little fear in me but I relaxed like nothing is wrong.

"Where are we heading to?" I asked,

"To the conference meeting Sir" he replied.

Maybe I've lost the memory of where I'm heading to when getting prepared for the day due to the

fear that gripped me.

Minutes gone by, the car stopped, the muscle man rushed out of the car and open the door where I

sat, "Sir" he swing his hand to the direction of the conference hall.

On reaching there, I faced the biggest challenge of my life, seeing many faces, fear overwhelmed

me, I have never had self confidence to face the crowd.

When did I fix an appointment with these people? I asked my self out of fear.

All stood up and I was directed to my seat, looking closely, I saw a tag on my seat "CEO-Managing

Director" I was confused, I am the MD of this establishment? A question I asked my self and could

not get an answer.

After the meeting, I took a walk to the door and guess what I saw! Journalist. How did these people

know me? The look on ma face showed how confused I was, but I managed to leave the scene and

get into my car.

"Where are we going this time?" I asked the giant muscled man, "We are going to the event centre"

he replied.

Event centre? I'm still surprised.

On reaching there, I put my leg off the car and went down with the muscle man beside me.

Immediately, I heard a very loud shouts of my name, people screaming my name with so much joy,

they even tried to touch me.

Astonished! I am famous? Wow! That was another question, yet no reply, I was amused. I had a

great and unforgettable moment which I never knew how it happened.

Not quite too long, I went to the rest room to ease my self, I was feeling heavy down there, so I

needed to send off some unwanted materials off my body, I am relieved now.

Suddenly, everywhere was so quiet, where are these people who chant my name? What went


Immediately I heard a thunderous sound rushing down my spine, Aaaaah! It hurts, that was a heavy

slap from my brother.

"Wake up! You have wet the bed!" He said!

Immediately I jumped up, looked around and couldn't find the giant muscle man. Oh! What a dream I

was dreaming, I shook my head and left.

This is everyman's dream!

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