Time out here folks. TWC had reality shows? Since when? And they evidently had a "Lifestyle" show? What the hell? Talk about Network Decay warning: TVTropes.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the guys from The Weather Underground (no, not that one, this one) starting to do a show there. Wunderground.com is my go to site any more for the Astronomy stuff I do and recommend it to anyone needing a good weather site.


"The geeks are back at the Weather Channel, and they're ready to return the network to its nerdy roots. That's the message the network is sending with the new show, "Weather Underground TV," which will air five nights a week from six to eight p.m. eastern time, beginning on August 24."

Kinda funny. I own a weather station and like last week they sent me an email saying "hey, you own a weather station! Wanna be on television?" and I was all "I'd rather be on fire!" and deleted it.

It is kinda interesting - they literally have FREE DATA and a commitment to pretty much keeping a chyron running in every CATV hub. That's like $1500 in costs per affiliate. How they managed to get as big and stupid as they did says a lot.

posted 1547 days ago