The situation has become dire enough that I often think the only feasible solution would be to eliminate tenure altogether. Morally, such a plan would be repugnant: Academics deserve the freedom to work at their pace and without the fear of too much administrative interference. But economically, it might be the only thing that allows for real labor market flexibility, forcing out elderly and ineffective professors and driving a rise in the standard of living for those many talented adjuncts who are unable to find work under prevailing conditions.


Thanks for sharing this article. Realising that this would likely be the case i never pursued a career in academia. Instead I returned to Asia and assist others to navigate their way to what is for them personally a meaningful result after participating and getting a degree. Academia in some parts of Asia is even more dysfunctional -- professors can find themselves in the position of adjuncts. Elitism is rife. I have been steering my clients to other destinations when applicable for them to get the training they need as well. I look forward to other opportunities and platforms for advanced education as well.

posted by thenewgreen: 1294 days ago