It's 9:02, I'm using the only free way to access the Internet available to me (which is the university WI-FI), and it's time for a non-week update.

I did not expect PE class in the university to be this rough. In short, it's one long proper exercise involving multiple types of running, jumping and pull-ups, and it's exhausting. I still haven't recovered from it, partly because I overstretched my back the day following the class, which is why I stopped all the challenges temporarely. Wanted to do a run this morning; my back still won't let me: it's not terrible, but uncomfortable.

The reason I haven't updated the workout table is that I haven't had any stretch of proper Internet access lately. The apartment I rent probably has it (given that it has an optical cable), but I most likely won't use it; therefore, the only safe option for me is the morning university WI-FI - and even then, I only have time to make a post and download some videos today because I got here two hours before my first class. I keep offline track of it, and when I get reliable access in my apartment, whichever that would be, I'll fill it out.

University days are tiring, too, which so far has often been a reason good enough for me to postpone exercise (which as often turned out to not have been completed). I'm still figuring out how to manage my energy during to day and, ideally, to keep it up until the evening; so far, I believe that midday food consumption is important, and I haven't still got to that (which would involve cooking something that won't spill or mess up the containter much or my hands, and I haven't got to that yet). I've been thinking about going for coffee daily, but it sounds like a terrible, last-resort option because of how it works and how my body will produce "antimatter" for coffee with time and some sort of a schedule. How good is it, really, for sport and exercise?

Still, I'm looking forward to any sort of exercise. Even though my body is reluctant - it is tiring, after all - I find it a good spending of time, given how it will benefit me in the future with endurance and strength. All I have to do is figure out how to stay up for the task and manage other, important aspects of life.

Well, it's 9:21. Thanks for cheering me up so far; it means a lot to me. Have a good... however long, and be healthy.


Good to see you're still gung-ho into it. Mixing it in with everything else in life, Uni etc can be a real struggle but it is absolutely doable.

For meals, I found a tupperware container with my pre-cooked meal of chicken/beef, rice and mixed vegies gets me through the day pretty well, along with a banana and a carrot or two for snacking on. Pre-cooking my meals was the final step towards being consistent with eating what I needed and avoiding what I didn't - I discovered I would take any excuse I could to eat crap and run with it, so eliminating my choices helped a lot in that respect.

Of course your preferences for food, and your environment might make that more difficult. I have an office job so I have plenty of space and time to eat, a Uni schedule (from recollection) might not be so accommodating.

Anyway, it's good to see you update again!

Kia Kaha.

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