Recently, i received what was an automated email from Derek Sivers asking if I was "still making music?"

I replied,

    Hey Derek,

    I am certain this is an automated email and that you'll not actually

    read this, but not only do I have new music, but I co-founded and I think we should talk. I'm a fan of what you've accomplished in the past.

    Prove to me this isn't an automated email :)

    All my best,


To which re replied kindly. I sent a follow up, with more information about Hubski and the creativity here. He checked out Hubski and thanked me for sending him here because he was made aware of a new video by Vi Hart.

Anyways, the guy seems very genuine and I am a fan of CD Baby. It was a resource I found very valuable back in the day when people actually made CD's.

I enjoyed this short video. I assumed that he wouldn't reply to my emails, but he dispelled my assumptions.

posted by thenewgreen: 1203 days ago