I'm still slowly making my way through 2312. But in the meantime I read Eaarth which I've seen recommended on this site a few times. I think kleinbl00 is a big proponent? It was a good read, although a bit disheartening considering it was written 5+ years ago and not nearly enough has changed for the better since then.


Hell, since the book was written we've crossed 400ppm atmospheric carbon dioxide. I like it because it isn't about "ZOMG we must change things immediately or we are teh doomz" it's about "since we probably aren't going to fix this in time, here's what you can expect" without sugar-coating or doomsaying.

As for me, I'm still cranking through The Twelve Million Dollar Stuffed Shark and enjoying it dearly. I worry it's going to make me insufferable in discussions about art (crafty - you're still due). I also plowed through The Men Who Stare At Goats and found it every bit as enjoyable and disheartening as Ronson's books tend to be.

I tried to start Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian but I'm unconvinced.

posted by tehstone: 1358 days ago