- It's quick.

- I don't have to read.

- His voice invigorates me.

- I stay up to date with global news...without spending 80 hours in comment sections getting upset.

- It's pretty much a daily dose of straight up commentary or morning-show winos interfering with my shit!

- I don't have to get out of bed until it's over.

- If I ever got another real job, and said job had a water cooler (my last one didn't :( ), I would be able to speak to anything, which means I wouldn't have to remember my hypothetical co-workers, children's names.

- I also learn how to pronounce the weird names of foreign leaders (I'm looking at you Greece) so I (hypothetically) wouldn't make a fool of myself at the water cooler.

Ps: He used to be the guy who did Umano's Breaking News show, for those of who who were on Umano.

posted by insomniasexx: 1330 days ago