Nothing revolutionary, but a fun activity


Nice read. It reminded me of the time I painted a piece of furniture in layers of fluorescent spray paint, got a bit high on the paint fumes, and then sat on the floor staring at the glowing wooden thing, realizing it was not a chair, it was a collection of textures and reflections, labels had no meaning, it took on all sorts of mystical type connotations, reality unfolding, and my brain's never been the same since.

Relatedly: simply staring at the human body for more than a few minutes, some realize how bizarre and random the human form is, comically foreign and strange. That conventional conversation demands I stare at length into another's eyes seems a bizarre ritual, like being asked to spit in my hands and lock limbs with another, and bellow in cow-type moans up at the sky.

posted by DrunkenFlutePlayer: 1242 days ago