I had an apartment in a medium-sized Texas city some years ago. I specifically got the apartment because it was walking distance to my work. Several months later, I was stopped by a man while walking through the gate, and told I couldn't do that, it would damage the gate. Wtf? He didn't identify himself, and I had no idea who he was, so I continued.

A few days later, after walking through the gate, the property manager exited the office, having obviously been watching through the blinds, and told me I couldn't walk through the gate, it would damage it. The man was with her, and turned out to be the maintenance man.

The conversation went something like this:

"You can't walk through the gate, you'll damage it."

"Uh, it really won't."

"Yes it will."

"Are you an engineer?"

"No. It will damage the gate."

"Uhh, could I get the code for the pedestrian gate next to it, then? I can leave through that gate, but I can't get in."

"No, that's for the condo residents only."

"Uhh, you mean the more expensive apartments on the other side? Condominiums are owned by their residents."

"They're condos that are rented. Only the condo tenants get the gate code."

"Uhh...okay then. Well, you can legally discriminate against people who ambulate, I guess, it's not a protected class."

"We don't discriminate against anyone."

"Riight. You'll have my intent to vacate tomorrow."

You literally could not live in this apartment complex and walk from it. And apparently I'm the only one who ever had an issue with that. The whole experience was surreal. I left and bought a house. I wasn't about to take them to court. Humans don't win against corporations in Texas. So ist das Leben.

posted by demure: 1489 days ago