The sound is different depending on what species hits it
  The grackles are all beak and their smack is tinny 
  The jays are more a thud
  But they all die the same way
  Fluttering on the ground
  We keep a shovel and a yard-waste bag handy

  Hear that? It's the ice-cream truck
  It sounds different now
  The kids all run behind it 
  Last year Caleb Turgess ran in front of it
  They have since changed the song
  I watch my sister walk to the truck 
  from our kitchen's large, picture glass window
  The same one I was at on Caleb's last day
  He was a short, round boy
  made the sound of a jay


lil _refugee_ humanodon, cW -I wrote a poem :)

First poem I have spontaneously written in a very, very long time. I was sitting on my couch, hubskiing when I heard a thud. The bird is fine. But then I started thinking about the sound I heard and about what it would be like to live in an actual house of glass. The death that constantly occur via those thuds. Then my imagination went wild....

I like this though. I like how the last line is so dark but is the first with any rhyme.

posted by thenewgreen: 1244 days ago