I'm a mechanical engineering student going into 3rd year and in my university I am able to take one class per semester from anywhere in the college. Just as long as it isn't a first year class and it fits in my schedule.

Unfortunately, one of the electives I really wanted to take doesn't fit my schedule, but with so much choice I'm finding it hard to come up with an alternative.

Right now just so I was able to finish registration I signed up for third year Signals and Systems under the school of Electronic Engineering. By the description though, it sounds like it could be complex circuit analysis which I really don't want to get into.

I was also looking at 2nd year Critical Theory with the school of English. However, although it looks really interesting, I don't know how much value it would add to my degree.

Another one I found were 3rd year Stellar Astrophysics, however having only taken one class which rolled quantum mechanics/electromagnetism/optics into one, I don't know whether I'm well versed enough in the field to really do well in it.

So, anyone who went through university, what were some of your favorite/most useful classes? With so much range there has to be some non-engineering classes that will still translate useful skills over.


I would highly recommend taking classes in disciplines that you are unlikely to learn about in your desired field of study of mechanical engineering. Classes that I recall now that I'm 16 years removed:

Intro to Anthropology

Intro to photojournalism

Micro/Macro Economics


Race and Minorities

Introduction to Drama

Fundamentals of Speech

These are all courses that have stuck with me over the years.

Good luck! Enjoy the journey.

posted by RicePaddy: 1306 days ago