Here is an example of the media picking up whatever a politician says and reporting it as fact without regard for the truth. Is this an example of liberal media or corporate media (or lazy media)? Its no surprise to me that kids are doing fine when objectively measured. I have a lot of teachers in my family, and they're all pretty good at their jobs (and deeply committed, as well). Why is it ok to demonize teachers in the media to no end?

cgod: Zakaria is a windbag, qualified to pontificate on little more then selling toothpaste and cars (which are his true professions, not journalism). I think that one of the main reasons teachers get demonized is because they are in unions. The rise of the modern right, American Exceptionalism, and rugged individualism come together to demonize anything besides war or religion which people achieve together. It's an age of anti-collectivism. Also because argument by anecdote is standard journalistic analysis it's always easy to find a teacher, school or school system that is doing really well or very poorly to sell toothpaste and cars with.

posted by b_b: 2685 days ago