Hey Everyone,

I had the awesome opportunity to help design / streamline this awesomeness with my old coworker. Hopefully, it'll help most of us to accomplish day to day tasks without having a fully running client

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We just finish adding bunch of new features to ETHER WALLET sooner than I expected. Its ready for a quick test now and I need your help to let us know how we can make it better.

Here are some new features:

Decrypt presale wallet files to send transactions

Decrypt geth wallet files to send transactions Decrypt ETHER WALLET files to send transactions

or you can simply paste the private key to send transactions

and obviously send transactions

also new super cool paper wallet design

Notes on send transactions feature:

Your transaction will be signed in the browser before it push out to the geth RPC client, therefore your private keys will always be safe :)

Image of the new paper wallet:


I really need to learn how all this stuff works. Etherium has piqued my interest over the last week, it seems like it could be big.

posted by insomniasexx: 1252 days ago