These dogs must be some of the best trained and well behaved dogs in the world. As I watched the video I started thinking how much dog food that guy must have to buy in order to give these canines enough energy.

mk: My dad was amazing with dogs, and he taught me a lot about how to get them to act certain ways. If you can act in ways that they can understand, and have expectations that they can understand, they can be extremely well-behaved and reliable. As a paperboy, my dad had a dog that accompanied him. If he threw a paper and it didn't make the porch, the dog would pick up the paper and put it there.

Most importantly, if you want a very well-behaved dog, you should take it everywhere you can. Also, don't chain it up.

At 2:00 I imagine that brown dog was barking: "I want to go with those guys!" Those dogs were obviously having a blast.

posted by smoorman1024: 2566 days ago