Honestly, the whole argument over video game violence seems pointless. There is a rating system in place that doesn't allow minors to buy video games if they aren't old enough. It literally works the same way for the movies, yet no one seems to blame the literal tons of other violent media. My parents growing up followed my gaming, and I wasn't allowed to play certain games until I got older. This seems like a parental issue in almost every regard.


People who think gamers are violent because of playing GTA or Mortal Kombat know nothing about gaming. Videogames can absolutely incite gamers into committing acts of violence, but it's less "wow, GTA and Mortal Kombat are violent, so I'm going to be violent in real life too because reasons" and more "I broke my friend's nose because he kept on feeding with Teemo jungle" or "I got into a fight with a friend because he kept on peeking my side of the screen and unplugged my controller just as I was about to win in Mariokart."

posted by War: 1349 days ago