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SEE HUBNOMIC 0 POSTED BY hubnomic (and follow that entity)

    Rule 0.0: ALL OFFICIALLY RATIFIED RULESETS ARE TO BE POSTED BY THE USER hubnomic UNDER THE #hubnomic tag. (except Hubnomic 1)

1.1 This game shall be called hubnomic

1.2 users following #hubnomic are players and posts are not to contain any other tag

1.3 if a reset is called and a two thirds majority ratifies it the game reverts to the state of ruleset hubnomic 1

1.4 rules in a ruleset must be concise enough to warrant statement without multiple sentences, though a ruleset may contain as many rules as needed

Rules 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 are immutable and irrevocable as the founding ruleset of this game. Good luck! This post is not bound by rule 1.2 just 'cuz.

edit: added post time, ruleset name, hubnomic 0, hubnomic, AND:

General consensus will determine Ruleset 2 concerning voting, ratification and proposition of new rulesets within the next 48 hours.


Ruleset proposition WEIRD-QUORUM

Terms defined:

  ruleset number as N in form: N.m.o
  rule number as m in form: N.m.o
  subrule as required as o in form: N.m.o
  ruleset proposition: unratified ruleset
  ratified ruleset: ruleset already approved
  immutable and mutable rules: as stated on the Wikipedia page about nomic games
  player: human user of Hubski subscribed to #hubnomic
  vote: statement of support for the ratification of a ruleset proposition
  shall: must, required, mandatory
  parent post, child comment.
2.1 all new ruleset propositions shall be created under the parent post of the existing ratified ruleset (eg Hubnomic 2 development should exist under Hubnomic 1 to reduce post spamming)

2.2 all new ruleset propositions shall be incremented plus one from the parent post (eg all ruleset propositions on this post should start with 2)

2.3 ratification of ruleset propositions shall occur 96 hours after the post of the next ruleset under the following conditions:

2.3.1 voting shall occur on a specific version of a ruleset proposition, i.e. changes may be discussed but players should not vote for a child comment containing a ruleset proposition unless they agree with it in its current form

2.3.2 changes to a player's ruleset proposition shall be at the discretion of the player proposing the proposition

2.3.3 changes to a player's ruleset proposition can be made at any point but votes shall count for the ruleset which is quoted in a vote

2.4 votes shall contain the word "Ratify" under a quote of the version of the ruleset proposition they wish to ratify

2.5 ruleset propositions shall contain a unique identifying term at the top which shall change if the proposition changes to make vote counting easy (i.e. ADJECTIVE-NOUN)

2.6 at the end of the 96 hour period marked by the post time posted in ratified rulesets, the ruleset proposition contained in a child comment with the most votes counted using the above method shall be ratified

2.7 ratification shall occur when the next post by entity hubnomic is created in #hubnomic with an incremented ruleset number.

2.8 terms used in rulesets and ruleset propositions shall be defined in the post unless the term already exists.

2.9 edits shall be detailed below the post

edits: added 2.9, changed wording from 'will', 'must', and 'should' to all use 'shall' per my own rules...

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