From the True Name of All Things to the look in a smitten man's eyes, there's all kinds of magic in the world. Today, write a scene where a certain kind of magic is the central focus.

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I hate it when my parents use magic to prove a point.

Yesterday my dad conjured up the spirits of drunk drivers. Despite being dead, they all recalled the horrific details of their accidents. Only with my folks does 'scare 'em straight' involve using ghosts to accomplish that.

And then my sister started dating a boy. Mum transformed herself into a fly, then listened in on their conversations (yes, she became a literal fly on the wall). She was not pleased by their contents; supposedly, they were littered with innuendo. In any case, my sister was forbidden to date this guy again.

Don't get me wrong, they're doting parents and they obviously love my sister and I.

Why does every lecture require magic to prove that they're right? Why can't they use some damn logic for once?

I hate it when my parents use magic to prove a point.

posted by Isherwood: 1255 days ago