Hey Hubski.

Today, I started a blog. There's not much there yet. Just a post with a picture of my dog and a generic WordPress template. Right now, I'm treating it like a sandbox while I learn more about WordPress, content creation, and design. Eventually, I'm hoping it will be able to serve as a portfolio I can show to potential employers.

I'm not sure how Hubski feels about self-promotion. I figured it was okay to throw this up here under the #letsdoit tag, though. I'm happy to hear any tips y'all have about blogging, personal branding, or whatever else you have to say.


Hubski like self-promotion! There's a post somewhere around called "Personal content isn't a sin" or something like that.

    I’ll probably also be posting about a tabletop game I am designing

And you better post all about it! I design tabletop games too! Use the #boardgames tag if you post about it, and if it's an RPG or is heavy in the setting department, use #worldbuilding also!

posted by fenom: 1314 days ago