“Now party people are gravitating to DJing, rather than music people gravitating to parties. The access routes are different." Not only are entryways into dance music simpler these days, the technology allows younger DJs to create seamless mixes with ease, leaving us with smoother but less dynamic selections.

This part is true on the large scale. All your festival DJs and that scene are filled with those people, but, if you were to go to a house show in a mid-to-large sized city you would find plenty of spaces where the latter still holds true. And to me those are the places worth being, where some truly interesting mixing and matching happens.

    Wilson goes on to pinpoint the key difference between novices and masters: “Whilst the DJs now are more technically gifted, DJs back then had better programming skills. They were more adept at getting the right records at the right moment. They worked more towards the audience, whereas now DJs expect the audience to come to them.”

Why is that the expectation now? If you put a drop in something and make a rager at 160bpm that has 3 sections and a chopped outro into the next song then I guess you'll get 20,000 people to come out and see you...I wonder if we'll see a reversion to what it used to be like. This was a great read, sometimes Pitchfork still has it.

posted by pleb: 1381 days ago