International Space Station (ISS) crew members will sample the "Outredgeous" lettuce grown as part of NASA's plant experiment Veg-01 in the Veggie plant growth system.

Giving new meaning to "clean eating", astronauts must first clean the leafy greens with citric acid-based, food-safe sanitizing wipes before tucking in.


This is one of those small things that get cooler the more you think about them.

Sort of like this: "oh, that's nice, they grew vegetables... my aunty Harriet grows them too" -> "Hey... the grew vegetables OUTSIDE of the biosphere of earth!" -> "Oh wow... being able to do this AND live in microgravity for extended periods of time without becoming too crippled makes trips to Mars and beyond far less crazy of an idea both from the sustenance perspective and the having a psychological outlet perspective!" and so on.

I hate living in the future when my book runs out of battery, but I love living in the future when I get to sit wirelessly connected to every country in the world and read about the people living in a floating outpost outside the planet and growing their own vegetables.

posted by Mindwolf: 1414 days ago