I have some reservations posting this, given recent discussions, but it is definitely important news. Someone, or someones, messed up a lot, and it's likely to have some large ramifications.


Why do you think this will have large ramifications? The guy had a stolen gun, there's going to be dash cam footage of him shooting at the cops, he was being pursued in regards to a recent shooting in the area which he was seen running from. It seems like a pretty open and shut case. More importantly, he lived.

I'm from St. Louis and once the DoJ report came out that essentially said that Furguson police department and municipal court system needed reform, but that Michael Brown's death was completely justified and supported by Darren Wilson's testimony, the fire went out. The protests are tiny now and people are working their reforms through the legislative and executive systems instead.

posted by jleopold: 1323 days ago