Feeling powerful, empowered and confident is something that I think we can all agree is positive. At least the feeling itself. Depending on how this feeling is aquired it can be less plesant for others, or maybe more.

So today I'm asking you all - when do YOU feel the most powerful? Why? How?

I feel very powerful when in the water. I love swimming and I trained it - quite seriously in fact until I was about 12/13 and I still swim as often as I can. I know all four strokes, butterfly is a tad hard but it's getting better every day.

I also dive a bit. I can do some flips and I'm training to hold a handstand on the edge of a platform. I can flip over from a handstand - but the holding still part...

I also feel powerful when cooking, I am quite good at it - I have done hard candies, and jelly candies, and fried stuff. My parents are not thrilled - but I've actually never ruined something when cooking. I also usually don't use recipies (if not baking) so I feel very creative. I made some delicous potato patties with curry and lemon pepper. They came out very well so I migt actually cook that sometime as a vego burger (I eat meat - i just like the variety. Also it's good for the envioroment.)

I feel powerful because it IS dangerous - and I can handle it. It's a bit like chemistry for me - except you can actually eat when cooking.

Doing gymnastics alos makes me feel like I have a ton of power, and I do. It is one of the best feelings in the world when you've trained enough that you feel the muscles you need to use to flip yourself around in the air. Or throw your feet over your head.

But now for you. When do you feel like you have power?

When do you feel like you could conquer the world, given the chance and some questionable morals?


So funny story.

I now know more about the dark arts of SEO than I should. I also used to moderate a default.

Here's some evil shit. That, right there, is pretty much the command line interface of "what's trending on the internet so I can cash in on these hashtags and search terms". It's not mine; that's the demo version you're supposed to build out and host yourself (I have).

Click the "trending" tab. Look at Column J. I saw something in there from a subreddit I moderated that I happened to know violated our rules. So I opened another tab and removed it. Then I refreshed the spreadsheet.

Yup. It was gone. Just like that. FOR EVERYBODY.

It felt like staring into The Matrix.

posted by swedishbadgergirl: 1259 days ago