I have to admit that I'm really looking forward to insomniasexx and co. getting around to getting the next batch of stickers going. A lot of users seem to be excited as hell about them and I can't blame them. I'm just excited to see where steve puts some next. The thing is though, I'm a bit of an impatient man and I want to get in on the action myself, now. So, I made my own. 1 2 (I apologize for the messy carpet, my dog sheds all year round and there's no escaping her hair)

It wasn't that hard to do at all. I went back through insomniasexx's previous threads to find what others have made and then downloaded the ones that appealed to me. I brought the images I wanted printed to a local printer, told them the size that I want, and they did the rest. They put them on a 4up template and about 4 hours later, I had full sheets of these to take home for me to cut out.

There was admitably a bit of compromise though. They couldn't print them on sticker stock, so I opted for a nice matte photo paper instead. So while I can't stick them anywhere, I can still place them where I want (which is actually preferable as I don't want to do anything to annoy anyone, and it's much easier to toss a piece of paper than it is to remove a sticker). At the same time I had to hand trim them all myself so none of them are uniform, let alone exactly 4x4 inches. It adds to the charm of them though, because now they definitely have a DIY feel going for them.

Even though cutting them out was a chore and took time that I'll never get back, I got excited about thinking where I'll put them. I'm going to be very selective about the whole process. I have a few comic shops I want to place a few in, sneaking them in between the pages of a few books, but nothing pedestrian like Iron Man or Batman. It's gonna be classy stuff, off beat stuff like Stumptown or Young Liars. Likewise, there's a few record stores near me, but I'll only hide them in album sections that I think people Hubski will appreciate will look in, like Mahalia Jackson or Henson Cargill. I think I'll sneak a few in at the local coffee shop that hosts Cars and Coffee every other weekend, a few antique shops here and there, and that artsy movie theater that only shows indy and foreign films. I won't take pictures of my acts, as I don't want to give away where I live, but rest assured, every now and again someone will stumble on a Hubski card.


I think I should add "propagandski" to Hubtok.

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