I previously posted about AI Only games of Civ 5- here is the biggest one of all. The battle royale is a civ AI Only game of Sid Meier's Civilisation 5, starting on August 10th. 61 Civilisations are fighting in a domination match - the twist is that they are all AIs. The civs are both modded and vanilla, and can all be found in their accurate historical locations on a massive earth map.

Here are some resources to start off with:

Here are the current power rankings for the civs

Here are the same power rankings but in their original (long) post - with a short paragraph on each one.

This map shows the civs (The creator supports Chile, in case you didn't notice)

I'm supporting Chile and Ireland. If you want to get involved, pick a side and cheer for them in IRC (#civbattleroyale on freenode), reddit (/r/civbattleroyale) or twitch (stream at twitch.tv/tpangolin, times to be announced). Alternatively, I'll be checking back on this post so feel free to discuss it here.


Civ is such a great game.

I'm predicting southern america will be ruled by one civ and will grow out eventually to victory from there.

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