Okay. So an obligatory caveat -- this is a New York Times op-ed, which means it has a tiny amount of space to make its point and is strong on a general idea while being weak on support.

That said, I agree completely with what the author is getting at. In fact, I wrote this op-ed a while back in some hubski comments. (And better, if I can indulge for a second. I can't? Eh.)

Jon Stewart wasted an opportunity. Essentially every progressive in the entire country was aware of him for over a decade, and what do we have to show for it? A caricature. I don't mind the hagiographic statuses and blog posts this week -- Stewart was an entertainment fixture forever and justifiably so; he's pretty funny. But they are, as ever, praising him for the wrong thing. He did nearly as much to drive a wedge into the political spectrum as his opposite numbers on Fox News did. From personal experience, he destroyed the open-mindedness and critical thinking skills of an entire generation of liberals. Some hyperbole, sadly not enough.


No, this is fucking idiotic.

The wedge between the left and right has everything to do with the bat shit crazy antics of Republicans, and nothing to do with the modestly conservative alternative that we call "liberals" in the US. Every conservative wants us to see some "middle ground" or some other nonsense.

No. Donald Trump is a fucking joke, and the GOP is a joke. A terrible one. This isn't liberal bias, these people are fucking insane. They'd be the Neo-Nazi party anywhere in Europe. Look at what these monkeys are running on, from their own mouths:

- Expanding the NSA - Build a big wall at the border - Outlaw abortion - War in Iran - War in Iraq - War in Syria

And guess what the economic plan will be? Yeah, why bother have them say it, we already know.

Stop demanding respect that isn't deserved; the GOP and American conservatism have earned the disdain which they get. Period. Liberals don't need to come half way to the side of idiocy, racism, and war-mongering; we need to tell these people to fuck right off.

posted by flagamuffin: 1229 days ago