Pretty interesting video. A lot condensed into just ten minutes. Bit of an oversimplification at points, but it's a pretty compelling YouTube video and he backs up his factoids repeatedly with sources.

What are your thoughts?


That's some straight up #KONY2012 shit right there. Whenever a talking head tells you racism is motivated by evil, look for his agenda. FUN FACT - Martin Luther King was a martyr and a lion of the civil rights movement according to this video, but according to Howard Zinn, whose book your downloading of helps this video, Martin Luther King was an Uncle Tom, the safe "house negro" whose star was made to eclipse Malcolm X so that any civil rights reforms would be safe, nonviolent and meaningless.

LOOK - there are a lot of facts in this video, and I'm not going to dispute them. People who aren't white get the shaft in the United States in depressing proportions. What's missed in these discussions is the fact that people who aren't the majority get the shaft in all countries and the United States, as the most multiracial melting pot country in the world, gets to grapple with them for everyone else.

That "three caste" system wasn't invented as some evil plot to keep the Black Man Down. As even the narrator says, indentured servitude fucked a whole lot of people who were the exact same color as the people fucking them. What happened was the Enlightenment and reforms against the aristocracy in the Old World which meant fucking over the peasants got harder to do. It simply made it more economical to import slave labor from Africa. Not shown in this video - the fact that the slavers didn't wander into Africa and throw nets over brown people. They traded with Tribe A of brown people to secure Tribe A's help in enslaving Tribe B. The Triangle Trade was driven by craven, equal-opportunity monsters who would have bought anyone for bottom dollar, it's not like it was a race thing. If they could have gotten Dutchmen for Igbo prices, the south would be tall and pale. Check it out. Slavery is color-blind.

Sure - once they're down, keep 'em down. And yeah - racists abound in the United States. But let's not conflate racial hatred and economic predation just because they're culturally universal. This is a depressing and complicated discussion that only starts to make sense when you gain a little cynicism and drawing causality where there is none does not lead to a better way.

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