When your workouts fall by the wayside, how fast you fall out of shape depends on more than just how much time you spent away from the gym.[...] As a general rule, the fitter you are, the longer it will take your muscles turn to flub, he says.

that seemed quite counter- intuitive to me, I assumed it to be the other way around.


I've always found some time away from the gym to be hugely beneficial and, for me at least, necessary. I'm running a generic PPL split, (PPLPPLR) now that rugby season has finished and I find every 3-4 months or so, taking a week away from the gym helps maintain that drive. I miss the gym when I don't go for a while, and I relish the opportunity to get back in.

I guess it does depend on how long you have been training, how intense you usually are, and all the variables like sleep, food and stress etc.

But by and large if you're committed, and you listen to your body, a break can be just what you need to make progress with your body and in the gym.

posted by Mandschaski: 1261 days ago