Hey y'all.

So first off I exceeded my goal, hitting $115. This is super awesome and I can't thank the people who donated enough. If you wanna but haven't yet, check out the link here. I've promised to play a terrible game if I hit $130, and sing live during the stream if I hit $150.

Oh, and speaking of streams, the marathon is tomorrow! 24 hours of videogames, accompanied by my sister and a couple of friends. Our twitch channel is linked to this post, so check back around 6 PM mountain time for our start. The list of games we'll be playing:

- Rocket League

- Starwhal

- Bloodborne

- Towerfall

- Resident Evil

- Infamous Second Son

- Gucamelee

- Legend of Korra

- Skullgirls

- Dead Nation

- Lego Marvel

- Spelunky

Possible terrible game: - Basement Crawl (oh god I'm actually scared right now)

Thanks again hubski.

posted by user-inactivated: 1417 days ago