The agents were supposed to function as seismic signal waves, sent out to track down the tiniest cracks, as well as age-old faults within the deep layers of society -- in short, any information that could be used to divide and subjugate the local population. [...] But there is a constantly recurring, core theme, which is meticulously addressed in organizational charts and lists of responsibilities and reporting requirements: surveillance, espionage, murder and kidnapping.

    It seemed as if George Orwell had been the model for this spawn of paranoid surveillance. But it was much simpler than that. Bakr was merely modifying what he had learned in the past: Saddam Hussein's omnipresent security apparatus, in which no one, not even generals in the intelligence service, could be certain they weren't being spied on.

    IS wanted to know everything, but at the same time, the group wanted to deceive everyone about its true aims. One multiple-page report, for example, carefully lists all of the pretexts IS could use to justify the seizure of the largest flour mill in northern Syria.

I have missed some The War Nerd posts, does he talk about this kleinbl00?


So... Der Spiegel found some org charts?

Bear in mind: ISIS was "al Qaeda in Iraq" prior to deciding they wanted to spin off. Also bear in mind nobody has ever accused ISIS of being disorganized. To the contrary, everyone freaks out about the fact that they know how to use iMovie. And finally, bear in mind that Der Spiegel spun up 2000 words about this:

I've drawn more complicated diagrams to wire my entertainment system.

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