(Sorry I couldn't find a single page version... DailyWorth is a semi-clickbaity financial advice website tailored for women)

    Our current system provides strong economic incentives not to report rape, and it’s a highly effective method for keeping survivors quiet. As Berg puts it, “the biggest issue we are up against as a society … is the myth that rapists are all bad people lurking in dark alleys. Statistically, most sexual assaults are perpetrated by someone the victim knows, at least as an acquaintance. So those of us who are colleagues or classmates of both parties — or perhaps fans of the accused's professional work — struggle to believe that the perpetrator is capable of such a thing.” Because of this mythology surrounding rape, the legal and cultural system is stacked firmly against survivors, and we aren’t providing an incentive to come forward or support when someone does.


Seems like a huge portion of it is power dynamics.

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