Man, I miss when The Whitest Kids You U Know still made stuff. I started getting into them between the end of the 4th season and the start of the final 5th season. I remember being so excited for every episode; it was the only TV show I ever made sure I watched when it aired. It's a shame that they stopped the show. A lot of shows consisted of some really good episodes mixed in with a lot of meh to bad ones. WKUK is the only sketch comedy show that I've watched that was consistant in quality. Sometimes they'd do a little satire to bring an issue to light, but most of their skits were completely over the top - and that's what made them great.

Trevor (the hunter guy in this, if anyone didn't know) was the only one that had enough drive and talent to keep going. He was everyone's favorite person, besides maybe Timmy. I haven't really seen the rest on anything else, but Trevor's been doing stuff with Comedy Central - mainly music. They should've cashed in on their YouTube fame (just look at all of the skits that are constantly re-uploaded on there) and kept the show going. That would have been a good plan.

posted by camarillobrillo: 1273 days ago