Just Write it Down and Get it Out

  Free your mind to paper and ink.
  Free your mind through pen and your wrist.
  Let the world frame your monsters and spotlight your demons.
  Know yourself and heal.

  Illuminate your guilt that it may not hold you from the shadows.
  Take flight wounded soldier, rest easy in the sky.
  Let freedom hold you airborne, you are clean.
  Confess your sin to voyeurs’ ears and feel reborn.

  Let the sun meet you in the sky,
  First to feel its glow, know its warmth.
  Monopolize Sol.

  Crack. You deserve no quick escape.
  The damned hold only fantasy.
  No rest for the wicked.
  Crack. Fracture and fall.
  Tragic trail of wings race you to the ground.

  Words will not lift you.
  Paper wings burn in the sun.
  Brittle supports break under the weight of the past.

  There is no solution.
  These scars cannot heal.
  A heavy price paid for others, for security, and ideals.

  Memory is an infinitely long chain.

posted by user-inactivated: 1275 days ago