The representation of women in video games is usually a thorny subject matter. I don’t think there’s one right or incorrect way to painting guys or women in video games, however I suppose it’s a reasonable conversation to have.

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The person who wrote the article obviously doesn't speak English as a first language but I agree with his point.

Honestly I still don't get what is so offensive about people creating a fictional character in the image they perceive them to be. It's their game, their character. If they want to make a girl with a huge chest and a no waist waist they should because it's their game.

Don't act like male characters aren't set with the same "unrealistic" body images too. Pay attention to your own body instead of relying on fictional characters and super models to tell you how to look. If you feel bad about how you look, do something about it. Don't bitch that you don't look like that. Get over it and accept yourself. After all, if you can't accept yourself how can anyone else accept you.

posted 1808 days ago