I've made a pair of these using the instructions and materials from this site after I saw a friend wearing his own pair that he made. The material is pretty good and the sandals is really comfortable, and I think it looks pretty awesome too. But, I would suggest getting the cork footbed if you are going to buy the whole kit (it's an optional purchase, the only things you really need are the rubber, lace and puncher). Foot on rubber causes your feet to smell a bit and turns the bottom of your feet black after wearing it for a few hours. Also, the lacing may be tiresome in the beginning but you get quick at it.

I've worn them while hiking, walking my dog, to the beach, camping and a couple music festivals. Great for all those (except if you walk in and out of tents a lot at festivals and camping and need to take em off and put em back on over and over).

posted by captain_nemo: 1243 days ago